Rectangle Bezel: Elite Shungite/Madagascar Apatite

Image of Rectangle Bezel:  Elite Shungite/Madagascar Apatite

Silver Plated Rectangle Bezel - 53mm Plate, 44x21mm Bezel
Please note: Plating can be eaten away by acidic skin - in order to preserve plating, consider coating the back of pendant with clear nail polish

ELITE SHUNGITE - Northwest Russia - Stone of Life - Unique Crystal Lattice Purifies, Heals, Protects, Restores and Stimulates Growth - Natural Antioxidant / Suppresses Allergies - Neutralizes EMF's, BioFields & Geo-pathic Stress - Base Chakra

APATITE - ArchAngel Ariel - Stone of Manifestation - Blue: Connects One to very High Level of Spiritual Guidance - Creates Spiritual State of Unconditional Love - Assists Release of what no longer Serves - Access the Energy Levels of Akashic Records & Soul Patterns, Linked to Appetite Suppression - Throat Chakra